Your Digital partner for road safety

VIA Software: now available in all countries

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At VIA we are working on..

..providing insight into road safety.

With our software and data we provide governmental bodies with a current and complete overview of road safety.

..stimulating efficient working processes.

We are committed to work on road safety, fact-based and cost-efficient

..bringing together people and knowledge.

We offer our software users a road safety platform to combine strengths and share experiences.


Our Partners.

Your Digital partner for road safety

VIA Software: now available in all countries

Your Digital partner for road safety

VIA has more than 30 years of experience with traffic engineering and IT. It translates its many years of knowledge into smart software that forms the Digital partner of policy makers, road authorities and the police. With the Digital partner VIA wants to create transparent information, based on data files and to make this information accessible to a large group of users. By always being innovative VIA wants to contribute towards road safety. VIA has more than five years of experience as one of the three initiators in the STAR Initiative (Smart Traffic Accident Reporting) in which it assumes the role of traffic engineering IT company when developing software for analysing, reporting, registering and managing data and quality. VIA is keen to share this know-how. This is why the VIA Software can be used on a global scale and VIA can help more and more users when dealing with road safety by using the Digital partner.

STAR Initiative for integrated road safety policy
Road safety is a task that several parties must fulfil. Only if these parties work together, a reliable and complete database with registered accidents by police and insurers can be built up. The STAR Initiative is an example of realising this partnership. The police, insurers and IT experts of VIA work together in an Initiative Group in accordance with the ‘Service4Data’ principle. The Stakeholder meeting involving road authorities, interest groups and researchers gives input from ‘the market’. Objectives and agreements are set down in the STAR Safety Deal. Each party is a fully-fledged member and contributes in their own unique way towards the objective: efficient accident registration and reliable analyses through the smart VIA Software.

STAR has ensured that there is 4 years’ worth of historic accident data in the Netherlands. Up- to-date data is, moreover, available on a daily basis for road safety analyses and reporting on a national, regional and local level. The software that supports this partnership is now available for all countries.

Visit for more information about STAR or download the STAR Brochure or the Leaflet.

VIA Software: now available in all countries
The Netherlands ranks amongst the top 5 countries in terms of road safety thanks to its integrated road safety policy, supported by the STAR Initiative. The Digital partner is the software tool that supports this policy. It assists policymakers, road administrators and the police completely in relation to registering accidents and data management with a quality accelerator and a complete back office. This has simplified the monitoring, analysing and reporting of traffic accidents on a national, regional and local level. This Dutch software is now available to all countries.

The software can be used immediately because it is an off-the-shelf package: technical knowledge is unnecessary and every required language is supported. The entry formula guarantees that the implementation can take place step-by-step ranging from a small-scale pilot to cover for the entire country. Costs are kept low because the use of smart techniques, crowdsource solutions and application sharing.

Do you want keep a grip on road safety in your country too? With the VIA Software you will always be a step ahead.

For more information download the VIA Software brochure (English or French) or the Leaflet (English).
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