What software can do for road safety

Software enables traffic safety management

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At VIA we are working on..

..providing insight into road safety.

With our software and data we provide governmental bodies with a current and complete overview of road safety.

..stimulating efficient working processes.

We are committed to work on road safety, fact-based and cost-efficient

..bringing together people and knowledge.

We offer our software users a road safety platform to combine strengths and share experiences.


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What software can do for road safety

Software enables traffic safety management

What software can do for road safety

Everyone encounters traffic. Traffic, and therefore also traffic risks, are always present. Accidents mark unsafe sites and routes, over speeding is often a threat and citizens do not always feel safe in their neighborhood or city. This problem is omnipresent. The problem can be catalogued and analysed using software so the safety situation can be improved, allowing traffic participants, traffic professionals and politicians to be informed about the dangers of the road.

Alongside this information, global traffic safety policy also demands a structural, efficient approach. An approach based on the three Es: Education, Enforcement & Engineering. An integral approach is even more effective. This requires many organisations from government bodies to NGOs and from the police to education to cooperate on traffic safety. Involving many different people in traffic safety increases potential. Software makes this possible. Success can be guaranteed by efficiently supporting work processes using specific software.

It is crucial for politicians to put traffic safety high on the policy agenda. Proper insight into and an overview of safety is a precondition for this. The safety situation should also be transparent to citizens so as to increase their consciousness of traffic risks. Software can fulfill this task. Software enables active traffic safety management, which makes the various partners collaborate efficiently and the existing efforts lead to a more effective approach to the dangers.

Software helps organise data
Data is indispensable to targeted traffic safety policy. The value of the data increases if it is linked to a specific location using a digital map. Collecting data constitutes the basis for any traffic safety approach whether it is data pertaining to accidents, speeds, audit results or reports of hazardous situations. Software makes it increasingly easy to collect high-quality data using for example smartphones.

Software enables the combining of various data sources allowing targeted analyses to be carried out. Moreover, it allows anyone to create maps, tables and graphs so that monitoring and analysing data results in a problem-oriented approach. Using web-based software makes all the information available anywhere and allows the data to be shared with traffic safety partners.

Software provides smart solutions
Software applications help make traffic safer by managing activities and organising data. A few examples:

  • Reporting accidents or risk rating roads on location using a smartphone
  • Providing real-time insight into the development of, for example, accidents after a reconstruction using an iPad
  • Using Big Data such as the speed data from the many TomTom navigation systems
  • Informing politicians using automated safety reports or an app
  • Tracing accident concentrations and analysing these in detail
  • Asking citizens to report their feelings of danger and involving them in tackling safety issues in their neighbourhood
  • Supervising traffic participants using an app while en route

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